Remote production

To shoot remote – an upswing during the pandemic

During the pandemic, we noticed a remote production upswing. We have always offered this type of service, but during the pandemic, there was an extra need for remote producing. Mainly because you could no longer travel as freely – and meet new people – to the same extent as before.

What is remote production?

Remote production is when you direct or oversee your production remotely via video conference. With remote shooting you can interact with local crew and talent on set from your home or office! Basically, it’s a type of production that requires real-time decision making although you are not physically on set and when travel isn’t possible. 


There are several of benefits with remote shooting! Here’s a list of some of the benefits of using a remote production for your project:

Save budget on travel

You save budget on the trip when you do not have to travel crew and equipment. It also saves the environment by not having to expose the planet to unnecessary emissions when it comes to transportation.

Real-time feedback 

You get real time feedback during production and can be part of the whole process – without being physically present. With the help of today’s technology, it is easy to connect to a computer and be able to join from a computer screen.

Live interaction with crew & talent

You can, during the filming process, interact live with both crew and talent. 

Direct camera feed: see what the camera sees

During the filming process you can see what the camera sees. Therefore you can have full control over what happens on set, just as you would be in the same room. At Swixer we have different technical solutions (and dedicated streaming teams) depending on size of shoot and what technical level is needed.

Conduct interviews remotely

Do you need to interview people for your film project? No problem! You can conduct interviews remotely and the viewer will not for a second be able to guess any difference compared to if you had been on set.

Collaborate with on-site director/producer

With remote shooting solutions you will be able to collaborate with an on-site director/producer. Together with a local producer you will have full control over the filming and you will be able to participate in all steps.

Direct the shoot entirely

You’ll be able to direct the shoot entirely. We will help you arrange with a meeting link via Zoom or a similar services. 

Picture from Vallastaden in Linkoping, Sweden, where Swixer provided a remote production services for the client.

Clients who have used our remote solutions

Client: Silverback Films / BBC 1. Project: “Earthshot – Clean Our Air”

Client: Project: “Green Cities Europe”

Client: Dragonfly TV / Discovery+ Project: “Anni: The Honeymoon Murder”

Client: NBCU / L’Oréal Project: L’Oréal Paris’ “Women Of Worth”

Client: Project: Internal video for IKEA

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